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DVC75 SERIES DVC 75 - DC/DC Automotive Converter

  • 40W - 77W Automotive Converter
  • Designed for use in rough environment
  • Rugged construction / potted device
  • Protection against unfavourable environmental conditions
  • DC/DC wide range input
  • Filtered against vehicle on-board disturbances
  • Galvanic separation 1.5kV
  • Design acc. to EN60950. EN50155. EN1175. ISO20898
  • Regulated output
  • very high efficiency
  • Short-circuit / No-load protection
  • Over Temperature protection

DVC 75 - DC/DC Automotive Converter

Product Overview

DVC 75 SERIES DC/DC Automotive Converter

Rugged construction, designed for use in rough environment   Potted device offering protection against unfavourable environmental conditions.  Has DC/DC wide range input  and is filtered against vehicle on-board disturbances.   Galvanic separation 1,5kV (500V at 24VDC input voltage) Design acc. to EN60950, EN50155, EN1175, ISO20898 Regulated output, high efficiency Short-circuit / No-load protection Over Temperature protection Parallel connectable.



Input range

24Vdc (17-40Vdc)

48Vdc (33-90Vdc)

110Vdc (56-154Vdc)

Transient over voltage
(20ms, one time)

50V @ 24Vdc

80V @ 36Vdc

100V @ 48Vdc

220V @ 110Vdc

Output voltage 12.5Vdc, 15Vdc, 24Vdc
voltage tolerance

±1% @ 12.5V & 15V & 24V models

±3% @ 5V models

Output current See  Selection Table.
Regulation Time < 0.5ms
Line regulation ±0.1%
Temperature drift 0 - 60C <1%
Ripple & noise 100mVp-p
Efficiency 84-90% Typical
Input Fuse T10A/250V, T10A 32V @ In 24Vdc
Reverse polarity protection External input fuse is blown.
Over voltage protection

Protective shut down

Self reset after cool down

Over temperature
Protective shut down, self reset after
cool down.

Input to case: 1.5kV,

500V for 24 models

Output to case: 500V

Protective degree IP67 (not connector)
Safety Designed to meet EN60950, EN1175
EMC Designed to meet EN55011
Class B, EN61000-6-2
Ambient temperature -40°C to 75°C with derating,
Max baseplate temperature 100°C
Cooling Natural convection / cooling
via contact to mounting surface.
Storage temperature -40°C to 85°C
Humidity 100% relative humidity, dewing permitted.

110 x 68 x 38mm



Case Material Aluminium

10cm cable with

6-pole AP connector MATE-N-LOK

Selection Table

DVC75-24-5 24Vdc (17-40Vdc) 5Vdc 8A 40W
DVC75-24-12 24Vdc (17-40Vdc) 12.5Vdc 4A 50W
DVC75-24-20 24Vdc (17-40Vdc) 20Vdc 2.5A 50W
DVC75-24-24 24Vdc (17-40Vdc) 24Vdc 2A 48W
DVC75-36-12 36Vdc (25-70Vdc) 12.5Vdc 5A 62W
DVC75-36-24 36Vdc (25-70Vdc) 24Vdc 2.8A 70W
DVC75-48-12 48Vdc (33-90Vdc) 12.5Vdc 6A 75W
DVC75-48-15 48Vdc (33-90Vdc) 15Vdc 5A 75W
DVC75-48-24 48Vdc (33-90Vdc) 24Vdc 3.2A 77W
DVC75-80-12 72/80/96/110Vdc (56-154Vdc) 12.5Vdc 6A 75W
DVC75-80-24 72/80/96/110Vdc (56-154Vdc) 24Vdc 3.2A 77W

Technical Illustration

  • DVC 75 DVC 75
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