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PBSP-74I SERIES PBSP 74I - DC/AC Rolling Stock Inverter

  • 2000W DC/AC Inverter
  • Rolling Stock Rail 74VDC Input
  • Rugged Build
  • High Surge Rating 6KW
  • Input Spike & Burst Protected
  • Model Variants available; -PS

PBSP 74I - DC/AC Rolling Stock Inverter

Product Overview


2KW Single Phase Sinewave Inverters                   for Railway Applications

The PBSP-74I series is a true sinewave DC/AC inverter for railway applications.  It operates from a nominal 74Vdc power source and produces single phase 240Vac 50Hz sinewave power.  The unit can operate loads up to 2kW continuously, loads up to 2.5kW for 30 minutes and surge loads to 6kW for up to three seconds.  This high surge capability allows the inverter to operate loads with high surge currents such as motors and microwave ovens.

The PBSP-74O series   employthe latest low RDS(ON) power MOSFET switching technology combined with embedded microprocessor control to produce very low output distortion (less than 3%THD), at very high efficiencies (92%). 

Comprehensive protection features are included. Input overvoltage and undervoltage cutouts turn the inverter off in the event the input voltage goes outside of the normal input voltage range. Firmware-controlled overpower monitoring protects the inverter against output overloads and short circuits. Automatic overtemperature shutdown protects the inverter against high ambient temperatures

The DC input power is switched and protected via a 50A 20kA miniature circuit breaker on the front of the unit. A 10A earth leakage RCBO is also connected in series with the output of the unit.

The PBSP-74I is constructed in a 445mm x 230mm x 204mm (excluding connectors, circuit breakers and circuit breaker protection brackets) powder coated aluminium enclosure suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting. It weighs approximately 18kg. The unit operates in ambient temperatures from 0°C to 50°C with relative humidity up to 95% at 40°C non-condensing. Cooling is via an internal thermostatically-controlled fan.

The PBSP-74I is designed to withstand vibration double amplitudes from 20mm at 1Hz to 0.8mm at 50Hz on all three axes and shocks of 4G longitudinally and 2G vertically and laterally.

All internal wiring is done using halogen-free low smoke RADOX125 cables.

Variant PBSP-74I-PS employs a 5mm thick aluminium mounting plate and is designed to be attached to two horizontal struts using M8 hardware via slots on the top and bottom edges of this plate. DC input and AC output connectors are mounted on the right side of the unit. The input connector is a Spacecraft SCP02YJ22-2P F80 three pin chassis receptacle or equivalent. The output connector is a Spacecraft SCP02YJ18-10S F80 four socket chassis receptacle or equivalent. Right angle mating plugs are provided with the unit: Spacecraft SCP08FJ22-2S F80 with three #8 AWG / 10mm2 pins or equivalent for the input and Spacecraft SCP08FJ18-10P F80 with four #12 AWG / 4mm2 sockets or equivalent for the output.

Alternate variants to meet individual requirements can be developed.



Input Voltage: 74Vdc (60-84Vdc)
Startup voltage


Under voltage cut-out 59Vdc.
Under voltage re-set 71Vdc.
Over voltage cut-out 90Vdc.
Over voltage re-set 87Vdc
Input Current

Standby: 30mA

ON with no load: TBD

Pout = 2000W, Vin=74Vdc; 30A,

Any load, 60V < Vin < 84Vdc; 37A max

Output Voltage

240Vrms (237.5 - 242.5Vrms)

0W < Pout < 2000W, Vin = 74Vdc


(228 - 252Vrms)

0W < Pout < 2000W, 60V < Vin < 84Vdc

Total Harmonic Distortion


0W < Pout < 2,000W, Vin = 74Vdc

Continuous output power


Ta = 50°C, PF=1.0

Continuous output current 8.3A rms
Output power

30 minutes: 2,500W

10 minutes: 3,000W

3 seconds: 6,000W

Output Frequency 50Hz ±1%

Pout = 200W: TBD%

Pout = 2,000W: TBD%

Ppeak: 92%

Input protection

50A, AS3111, 20kA MCB

Input Over / Undervoltage Cutout

Output overload and

short circuit protection

Automatic shutdown

Auto restart after 60 secs

Output protection

10A, AS3111 / AS3190 6kA C-Curve MCB/RCD.  

Output neutral connected to inverter

chassis earth on inverter side of MCBO

Over temperature protection Automatic Shutdown
Dialectric Strength

Input to Chassis: 1700Vdc

Output to Chassis: 2250Vdc

Input to Output: 4250Vdc


Front Panel Controls (-PS)

DC Input 50A 10kA MCB

AC Output 10A MCB/RCD

Right Side Controls (-PS)

ON/OFF Toggle Switch

Right Side Displays (-PS)

ON / Standby / Overload LED

Overtemperature LED

DC Volts Out of Range LED

Operating temperature

0°C to 50°C ambient

Continuous full load operation

Cooling Internal thermostatically controlled fan.
Relative Humidity 95%

40°C non-condensing


4G ±20% longitudinally

2G ±20% laterally

2G ±20% vertically

50ms duration

20 shocks per axis


Resonant search:

20 - 2.2mm double amplitude (1-9Hz)

2.2-0.8mm double amplitude (10-50Hz)

Endurance: 3 hours per axis (X,Y,Z)

at 50Hz 0.8mm double amplitude.

Mechanical Outline See Technical illustration
Construction Powder coated aluminum chassis.

Length: 420mm

Width: 230mm

Height: 204mm

Weight 18kgs.
Mounting M8 hardware on 425 x 170mm centres

DC Input termination

Spacecraft SCP02YJ22-2P F80

Three crimp pin chassis receptacle or

equivalent. Olive drab cadmium finish.

DC Input connector

Mating connector

Spacecraft SCP08FJ22-2S F80

Right angle three crimp socket plug

(3 x #8AWG / 10mm2) with cable clamp or

equivalent. Olive drab cadmium finish.

AC Output termination

Spacecraft SCP08YJ18-10S F80

Four crimp socket chassis receptacle or

equivalent. Olive drab cadmium finish.

AC Output termination

Mating connector

Spacecraft SCP08FJ18-10P F80

Right angle four crimp socket plug

(4 x #12AWG / 4mm2) with cable clamp or

equivalent. Olive drab cadmium finish.

Chassis Earth Termination

M6 x 15mm stud on bottom face.


All internal wiring uses Radox 125

halogen free low smoke cable.


1.Dielectric strength is tested for 1 minute with DC voltage. Testing with 50/60Hz AC voltage is not recommended due to voltages which this can induce in the circuitry under test. Internal EMC filter capacitors between input leads and chassis are disconnected during these tests. The internal output neutral to earth link must also be removed during these tests. Input to output dielectric strength is specified for internal components which bridge these connections only and cannot be tested on a finished unit.


2. DA denotes double amplitude.


3. Overall dimensions do not include connectors, circuit breakers or circuit breaker protection brackets.

Technical Illustration

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