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Powerbox Australia houses complete design and production facilities. Flexible production capacity accommodates for a single converter with a unique set of optional features, through to large scale production quantities in excess of 50,000 units per year.

Powerbox design facilities feature a power-conversion and inverter development laboratory with in-house EMC testing, with all designs following proper design controls including verification and validation testing.

When an off-the-shelf power converter product is not suited to the requirements of the target application, then a custom designed power converter may be the best solution. A custom solution can be either a value-added design using off-the-shelf power modules or full custom design for a completely new product, built from component level upwards. Design requirements include customised mechanical packaging or mounting, connection, transient protection, parallel redundant configuration, or battery charge configuration etcetera. Any required electrical or mechanical features can make a custom designed solution the best if not the only suitable approach.

Powerbox Australia’s typical custom power solutions include:

  • DC UPS Battery Charger Systems
  • DC/DC rolling stock railway converters
  • Redundant rack mounting power supply systems
  • DC/AC rolling stock railway inverters
  • Mining equipment power supplies
  • Communications dc power systems
  • Security dc power systems
  • Medical power supplies

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