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CAMTEC - 3000W Power Supply scalable, 19“ embedded 2U/3U CPS-EP3000 SERIES

  • 3000W Power Supply scalable
  • 3D-HD (3D Heat Dissipation)
  • CSB Current Share Bus
  • Inhibit for safe interlocking
  • Remote Shutdown. Sense mode
  • Current Monitoring 0-5V
  • Power Good Relay DC-ok
  • Precise dynamics on load change
  • Series & parallel operation up to >100kW
  • EMC conducted class B. radiated class A
  • Efficiency 92-94%
  • PFC Powerfactor 0.99
  • Variable controlled fans from Papst
  • Long lifetime under hard operation
  • Solid 2U and 3U subframes available


Product Overview


3000W Power Supply scalable 19“ embedded 2U/3U or hardmount in all positions, PFC 0,99  

Available Outputs:   2-15V,  24-30V,  30-45V,  45-58V,  58-90Vdc ,  90-150Vdc ,  200-300Vdc ,  

Description   The CPS-EP is the value product that 100% basis on the CPS-EX series. The CPS-EP power supplies provide low noise & ripple and an absolutely precise setting at high load changes. With an efficiency of 92-94% and a power factor of 0.99, the devices are highly energy efficient. Equipped with high-end capacitors of outstanding lifetime our power supplies guarantee a very long and reliable operation time. The circuit design of the CPS-EP Series allows cope playing with complex loads. The internal protection circuits protect the power supply and the connected system, even in exceptional situations. The CPS-EP series is protected from high transients by strong filters with high energy efficiency. All inputs and outputs and the interface are electrically isolated. The design specifications call for the highest standards of safety and interference suppression. The device was developed in accordance with the requirements of IEC/CSA/UL60950-1 and the EMC standards EN55022 conducted Class B, radiated Class A

The mechanical design of the CPS-EP3000 device series is unique. It is the first power supply line in the world market, which can be flexibly adapted to any installation situation.   The forced air cooling system with monitored and load-dependent variable fan control, allows a detached position in the system. By simple and cost-effective wall brackets the device can be integrated in any position in 90° increments. Unlike comparable power supplies Camtec comes here for the first time to let the system integrator completely free hand. The cooling concepts for supply and exhaust air can be designed to completely remove the heat dissipation from the cabinet. Complex and expensive air-conditionings for switch cabinets can be reduced to a minimum or even completely eliminate. Brackets for air channels are available as an option. In selecting the fan, as with all our power supplies, in our opinion we use with the German manufacturer EBM Papst the highest quality and most reliable devices in the world market. The installation of the power supply in a 19" subrack is guaranteed in the simplest way. Again, our engineers have decided to offer a completely open and flexible system. The optional front panels allow the power supplies the use in either a 2U or 3U subrack. In this way we can realized 9kW in 2U-rack and up to 15kW in a 3U-rack with the CPS-EP2000 models. Up there is almost no limit: With Zero-Stacking the series allows scalable DC supplies of over 100kW in a single small 19" rack. As accessories for the CPS-EP Camtec provides matched 19 "subframes. Our subracks deserve the name of a carrier, because they really are extremely stable made of stainless steel. The power supplies have nickelplated steel pins to position the power supplies in the subframes. The so married together systems withstand the toughest conditions. All mechanical connections in the power supplies or on the racks are constructed with A2 or nickel-plated screws, so that they provide maximum protection against corrosion and conductivity.

Idling behavior.   The CPS-EP Series is permanently open-circuit proof. When an output voltage is preset it comes stable. If a load is switched suddenly, the unit stabilized within <1ms. An overshoot of the output voltage is irrelevant.

Start behavior   The power supply has a start delay of 1s to stabilize all measuring circuits for the interface messages accurately. The power supply starts with a ramp (soft start) of 100ms. The output voltage does not overshoot - regardless of whether a load is connected or not.

Galvanic isolation and insulation   The switching power supply is galvanically isolated between the input and the output. All major digital inputs and outputs of the interface are electrically isolated.

Voltage set (Uadj)   The output voltage of the CPS-EP power supply can be adjusted by a potentiometer located at the rear of the unit. The current limit is fix. The power supply operates data stable even at all output voltages.

C Monitor (Imon)   The power supply provides real-time monitoring of the output current. It is the exact and real value at the output terminals. The latency signal preset to the measured value is negligible, since the control circuit is constructed completely analogously.

Potentiometer Internal Control (Uadj)   The power supply will be set with an internal potentiometer. It is located at the rear of the unit.

Sense Mode   The power supply has a sense mode to compensate for voltage drops of 2V per load line.

Continuous Mode   The unit operates in continuous mode. In the continuous mode, the power supply provides constant current mode in a continuous flow and no tickeroperation.


Output Voltage See selection table
AC Input Voltage 184 – 265Vac
Frequency 47-63Hz
DC Input Range 250 – 350Vdc
AC Nominal Voltage 230Vac <15A
DC Nominal Voltage 250Vdc <14A 350Vdc <10A
DC Nominal Voltage 250Vdc <14A 350Vdc <10A
Continuous Power Pnom 184 – 265Vac, 2400W for 2-15Vdc, all others 3000W
Power Density 12W / Cubic-Inch
Cooling Continuously controlled and monitored fans from EBM Papst (Germany)
Efficiency typ. 92 - 94% 230Vac at full load
Power Factor Control (PFC) 0,99 / 230Vac full load
Short Circuit Resistance yes
Open Circuit Protected yes
Base Load (OCP) Non required (open circuit protected)
Load Regulation < ± 0,05% 0-100%
Load Regulation Time <1ms on load switch 10-100%
Accuracy Imon ≤ ± 1%
Temperature Control yes, thermal shutdown & autorecovery (+70°C, outside measuring point distance 10mm)
Hold Up Time >20ms 230Vac mains buffering at full load
Inrush Current <14,6Aeff <20,7Apeak 230Vac active electronic inrush protection (no simple NTC)
Startup Delay typ. 1s
Softstart typ. 100ms
Isolation Input to Output 3000Vac
Isolation Input to Case 2500Vac
Isolation Output to Case 500Vdc , ≥60Vdc= 1200Vdc / ≥150Vdc= 2100Vd
MTBF 419000h (IEC61709)
MTTF 146105h (IEC61709)
ROHS 2011/65/EU conform
REACH EG No. 1907/2006 conform
Ambient Temperature - 20°C…+60°C operating, derating 2,5%/°C >50°C
Storage Temperature - 40°C…+85°C
Ambient Conditions Humidity 95% non-condensing @ 25°C, climate class 3K3, pollution degree 2
Ambient Conditions Humidity 95% non-condensing @ 25°C, climate class 3K3, pollution degree 2
EMI EN55022 conducted class B, radiated class A
EMS EN61000-6-2,3
Safety EN60950-1, EN60204-1
Saftey Class I EN60950-1, EN60204-1
Dimensions (HxWxD) 84x126,4x444mm (without frontplate, note cable outlet in planning)
Weight 4,4kg
Input Power Connections Neutrik NAC3FCA (locked by bajonett) included
Output Power Connections Brass-Powerbars with metric M8 thread, a touch protection is included

Selection Table






DC Vout Set Range 2-15Vdc 24-30Vdc 30-45Vdc 45-58Vdc
DC Current 200A 125A 83A 62,5A
Over Voltage OVP 17Vdc 35Vdc 52Vdc 68Vdc
Over Current OCP 204,0A 127,5A 84,7A 63,8A
Ripple Noise 230Vac 20MHz 35mVpp 35mVpp 50mVpp 75mVpp




DC Vout Set Range 58-90Vdc 90-150Vc 200-300Vdc
DC Current 41,6A 27,2A 13,6A
Over Voltage OVP 105Vdc 175Vdc 350Vdc
Over Current OCP 42,4A 27,7A 13,9A
Ripple Noise 230Vac 20MHz 150mVpp 200mVpp 600mVpp

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