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About Powerbox Australia

Customer power supply

Powerbox manufactures, designs and distributes an extensive range of high-quality power supplies, battery chargers and power converters.

At Powerbox we work with our customers to find the optimal power converter solution for their application in terms of price, performance and quality. As a distributor for some of the world’s leading power supply manufacturers, in addition to complete inhouse design and manufacturing capabilities, Powerbox can offer customers access to the highest quality products to meet their unique power requirements.

Our extensive range is suited to a number of applications including security and surveillance systems, industrial and process control, robotics and automation, telecommunications, radio communications, data communications, audio/visual systems, medical equipment, military, laboratory, railway rolling stock and transport signalling to name a few.


We work with our customers to find the optimal power converter solution for their application in terms of price, performance and quality.


Our long-standing team of sales engineers are available to provide customer service, technical information and support so that customers can make the most informed design and procurement decisions. Should you have an enquiry the sales team can assist with:

  • Extensive product knowledge, providing clarity on which products are best the application
  • Weighing up costs and benefits of price, availability and product features
  • Advice and explanation on product specification, mechanical mounting and connector pin configuration
  • Advice on systems and power integration with larger systems, and advice on power reticulation including cabling and racking
  • Background knowledge and advice on Compliance to Standards, EMC, Safety, Shock and Vibration, Operating Conditions, Military and Environmental
  • Compliance to tender documents, such as compliance on general and specific requirements

Behind the scenes in the Powerbox production department, our team of qualified power conversion engineers and technicians have extensive design experience across a broad range of applications. By keeping up to date with the latest technological developments our engineers and technicians ensure all design projects meet the application requirements.


Powerbox Australia houses complete design and production facilities. Flexible production capacity accommodates for a single converter with a unique set of optional features, through to large scale production quantities in excess of 50,000 units per year.

Powerbox design facilities feature a power-conversion and inverter development laboratory with in-house EMC testing, with all designs following proper design controls including verification and validation testing.


In addition to the products we distribute, Powerbox offers over 300 products designed and manufactured by Powerbox Australia for Australian and New Zealand operating conditions and compliance requirements. Our Powerbox range of products includes AC/DC Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters and DC/AC inverter product models used in a variety of industries; railway, security, communications, medical, mining and industrial process control.


When an off-the-shelf power converter product is not suited to the requirements of the target application, then a custom designed power converter may be the best solution. A custom solution can be either a value-added design using off-the-shelf power modules or full custom design for a completely new product, built from component level upwards. Design requirements include customised mechanical packaging or mounting, connection, transient protection, parallel redundant configuration, or battery charge configuration etcetera. Any required electrical or mechanical features can make a custom designed solution the best if not the only suitable approach.

Powerbox Australia’s typical custom power solutions include:

  • DC UPS Battery Charger Systems
  • DC/DC rolling stock railway converters
  • Redundant rack mounting power supply systems
  • DC/AC rolling stock railway inverters
  • Mining equipment power supplies
  • Communications DC power systems
  • Security dc power systems
  • Medical power supplies