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Vicor is a leading, global power module technology company, focused on providing power system designers with advanced, high-performance modular solutions for their toughest power design challenges.

Vicor stay and the forefront of distribution architectures, conversion topologies and packaging technology by continuously advancing the density, efficiency and power delivery capabilities of their power modules. 

Vicors enable a competitive advantage for their customers in infrastructure, industrial and automotive applications to rapidly advance their unique power system designs.

33 series total

  • PFM AC-DC Converter with PFC

    • Isolated AC-DC Converter with PFC
    • PFM™ in a VIA Package
    • Vin = 85-264Vac
    • Vout = 48V
    • Pout = up to 400W
    • Iout = 8.33A.
  • PRM Modules

    • Up to 600W
    • Buck Boost Regulators
    • Pre Regulator Module
    • Connect to VTMs
    • solated Regulated
    • High Power Density
    • Over 97% Efficiency
    • ZVS buck booster regulator
    • Modules can be arrayed

33 series total