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Power Manager SFC Power Manager 3G

  • Portable intelligent power distribution
  • Versatile practical battery charger
  • Increase in sustainability of operations
  • Reduces weight and pack size
  • Portable: In the energy network. the SFC Power Manager 3G can charge several batteries simulaneously
  • In the vehicle: The SFC Power Manager can intelligently distribute the vehicle's energy to different loads
  • For stationary systems: In combination with an EMILYCube 2500 fuel cell
  • the SFC Power Manager 3G can ensure the energy supply for a computer subnet or a ground radar
  • Expandable with all military SFC fuel cells - they can serve as a power source for the SFC Power Manager 3G
  • New loads can be added later using a specific coded cable
  • Tested since 2010 in the field: The German Bundeswehr equips its soldiers with the portable SFC energy network.

SFC Power Manager 3G

Product Overview


SFC Power Manager 3G

Portable and intelligent power distribution hub for maximum flexibility and autonomy during deployment

SFC Power Manager 3G The SFC Power Manager 3G charges your batteries efficiently and provides power to your equipment in the field. It can easily be integrated into existing systems and simplifies power logistics. The SFC Power Manager 3G enables soldiers in the field to make optimum use of available power sources including batteries, vehicle power, solar and of course Fuel cells! Intelligent and configurable power management reduces the overall weight of your power system significantly while increasing the efficiency of the operation at the same time.  

 Nowadays, the modern soldier has to carry numerous electrical devices. All these devices have different mains and charging units to guarantee the power supply. The SFC Power Manager 3G enables the soldier to use all energy sources available in the field such as hybrid batteries, solar panels, vehicle power and, of course, fuel cells to power devices or charge batteries. The SFC Power Manager 3G automatically detects the connected devices, thanks to intelligent cable coding, and adjusts the output voltage correspondingly. This results in very low power loss and super efficient power distribution which is essential for operations in the field. Carrying separate chargers is therefore redundant and resulting in additional storage space. SFC Power Manager 3Gs of different generations are already being used by the US Air Force, the German Bundeswehr and many other defence organisations.  



Weight 520 g
Dimensions L x W x H 162 x 95 x 36 mm
Display LCD-Display with graphics and full text
Data interface USB (USB 1.0 or higher)
Communication interface SMBus (SMBus v 1.0 or higher)
Electrical interface

Glenair # 804-005-07ZNU6-7S

Glenair # 804-005-07ZNU7-10S

Glenair # 804-005-07ZNU8-13S


2 High power I / O’s[1]

2 Power harvesting I / O’s[1]

2 Power Outputs[1]

Voltage range 8 – 33 V DC
Current range 5 A / 13 A[1]
Power range 65 W / 430 W[1]
Cable-identification One-wire Chip
Port protection



Short circuit

Reverse polarity

over temperature

[1] see port overview for details

Operating temperature

-31 °C to +55 °C

Storage temperature

-31 °C to +80 °C


0 to 100 %

Water protection

MIL-STD 810F method 506.4, procedure I und II Submersible up to 1 meter for 2 hours

Sand and dust

MIL-STD 810G method 510.5, procedure I


MIL-STD 810F method 514.5, category 5, 8 and 20


MIL-STD 810F method 516.5, procedure I and IV


Not applicable

Selection Table

SFC Power Manager

Item number



SFC Power Manager 3G – color: sand 905 000 004    
SFC Power Manager 3G – color: olive green 905 000 005    

Item number



Power Manager pouch, sand 905 902 007    
Power Manager pouch, ACU 905 902 006    
Cable pouch, sand 905 902 008    
Cable pouch, ACU 905 902 009    
Web dominator, brown 905 908 018    
Web dominator, grey 905 908 019    
Web dominator, black 905 908 020    
Optional cables

Item number



Fuel Cell IN 905 906 184    
Solar IN 905 906 199    
Li-145 / Li-80 IN / OUT 905 906 123    
12 / 24 V Auto IN 905 906 179    
12 V Auto OUT 905 906 180    
CF-18 OUT 905 906 187    
BB-2590 IN / OUT 905 906 131    
USB 905 906 188    
AA / AAA-Charger OUT 905 906 147   
Wall Adapter IN 905 906 186   
Delivery content SFC Power Manager 3G



SFC Power Manager 3G      
User manual      
Windows tool and driver on CD      
Transport box      

Technical Illustration

  • Power Manager 3G - Output Data Power Manager 3G - Output Data
  • Power Manager 3G - Connection Power Manager 3G - Connection
  • Power Manager 3G - Standard cable and accessories Power Manager 3G - Standard cable and accessories
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