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POWERBOX Defense Line DAA/DAB/DAC 150 Series

  • Defense dc converter
  • 12. 24. 48. 72. 110VDC
  • In 3 packages 150. 300W. 500W
  • Several output from 3V3 to 48VDC
  • Input filtering EN55022 & transient protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Parallel or series operations up to several kWs
  • MIL-STD-1275. 461. 810. 704 options

DAA/DAB/DAC 150 Series

Product Overview

POWERBOX Defense Line 150 

Up to 150W Single Output DC/DC Converter 

Description   The DAA/DAB/DAC, very compact DC/DC converter in chassis mount format, incorporates input filtering, input and output protections, very robust mechanical mounting and connection, optional conformal coating, required in most of the severe environment for industrial, railways, defense type of applications. The converter provides high reliability, high efficiency, input-to-output isolation, soft start, overtemperature protection, input over/undervoltage lockout. The converters wide range of inputs are protected against surges and transients and EMI filtered. The outputs are countinuously shortcircuit proof. The 100°C baseplate operation allows operation in high temperature environment. The output can be configured in many different output voltages from 3V3 to 48VDC, can be put in series and parallel, others possibilities are even possible as semi-standard versions. Wide range of accessories like input & output Bus bars, N+1 oring diodes, parallel cables are available to simplify multi units assemblies. Military options (M) make it suitable for MIL STD compliance..


Input voltage See Selection Table
Input fuse Protects against damages in case of a failure.
Input transient protection Yes
Input reverse polarity A diode placed internally
Parallel/series Possible.
Redundant operation Oring diodes are required to ensure proper N+1 operation (included with optional N+1 bus bar).
Hold-up time Limited hold-up time.
Output current limitation Continously protected against short-circuit.
Thermal considerations Baseplate which should not exceed 100°C.
Thermal protection OTP protection, automatic restart.
Primary inhibit Remote on/off.
Output voltage adj. Yes
Sense lines Enables compensation of voltage drop. V1, total drop <0.5, negative line drop <0.25
Power good Green LED.
Paralleling signal Yes.
Electric strength

Input to earth 1500Vrms.

Input to output 3000Vrms.

Output to earth 500Vrms

Insulation resistance


Heatsink (H) The unit is built as standard with a aluminum baseplate as described in the mechanical data. The converter can be delivered with a 15mm heatsink
Ruggedized (M)

The unit can be ruggedized to meet


M opton with 12 and 24Vin will comply with

MIL STD 1275A on DAA and DBB only.

–40°C operation (T)

The thermal grade of the components are comply with low ambient temperature.

Conformal coating (V)

During manufacturing process components and pcb are covered with an acrylic coating to address high level of ambiant humidity application.

Damp heat MIL STD 810 Proc. 507-2
Shock MIL STD 810 Proc. 516.3
Vibrations MIL STD 810 Proc. 514-5
Safety standards Built to meet IEC60950-1, EN60950-1.
Railway application

Designed to meet EN50155, EN50121

Electromagnetic immunity
Supply surge EN50155.
Direct transients EN50155
Surges EN61000-4-5.
Electrostatic discharge EN61000-4-2.
Fast transients/burst EN61000-4-4

Technical Illustration

  • DAA150 - Part Number Structure DAA150 - Part Number Structure
  • DAA150 - Input Voltage Selection DAA150 - Input Voltage Selection
  • DAA150 - Output Data DAA150 - Output Data
  • DAB150 - Output Data DAB150 - Output Data
  • DAC150 - Output Data DAC150 - Output Data
  • DAA150 - Block Diagram DAA150 - Block Diagram
  • DAA150 - Mechanical DAA150 - Mechanical
  • DAB150 - Mechanical DAB150 - Mechanical
  • DAC150 - Mechanical DAC150 - Mechanical
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