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POWERBOX Railway Line ENAR150D Series

  • 150W dual output DC/DC converter
  • For railway rolling stock applications
  • Wide input voltage range
  • 110VDC (77-137.5VDC) . 48VDC (33.6-60VDC )
  • 24VDC (16.8-30VDC). 72VDC (50.4-90VDC)
  • Output: 2x24V or 2x12V 150W (other outputs available on request)
  • Remote on/off. DC OK signal
  • Conformal coating
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Rugged. Low profile.

ENAR150D Series

Product Overview

ENAR150D Series - Railway Line 150 

150W dual output DC/DC converter 

Description   The ENAR 150D family of 150 Watt DC/DC converters are designed for the latest demanding needs of the railway industry. The highly integrated design using well proven technology with high integration and few external components, gives extreme high reliability and long trouble-free operation. The converter is built to be compatible with the established mechanical and connector standards used in the railway industry. The ENAR150D has two independent outputs that gives outstanding flexibility in one box. It can be used separately as two independent outputs, in parallel for double power of single output, in series to create double output voltage level, or in serial with grounded center connection to create a +/- voltage. With an output power of 150W, an efficiency of typical 93%, compact mechanical dimensions and approvals to most of the relevant railway standards the ENAR150D is in the frontier of its power class. DC/DC power supply with wide input voltage range for railway / rolling stock applications. MOQ may apply on certain models.

Input /Outputs:  DC In: 110VDC (77-137.5VDC) , 48VDC (33.6-60VDC ), 24VDC (16.8-30VDC), 72VDC (50.4-90VDC)  DC Out: 2x24V or 2x12Vdc (others on request,  Power: 150W  


DC input range

110VDC (77-137.5VDC)

48VDC (33.6-60VDC)

24VDC (16.8-30VDC)

72VDC (50.4-90VDC)

Inrush current Max 5 times nominal input current after 0.1ms.
Isolation voltage

Input to output 2100VAC.

Input to GND (PE) 1500VAC..

Output to case 1000VAC.

Output to output 500VDC..

Reverse polarity Reverse polarity protection functionality
Output voltage See table 1.
Maximum power 150W.
Line regulation 1% max
Load regulation 1% max in load range 10-90% of max load level
Efficiency Up to 93%.
Temperature coefficient 0.3 to 0.4V.
Transient response 0.5ms within 2% for a load change 20 to 90% or 90 to 20%. Risetime and falltime 5A/us.
Ripple voltage Typical 0.5% p/p (20MHz).
Current limit 115% of load. Auto recovery
Overvoltage protection Operates at 120-130% of nominal voltage level.
Short circuit protection Protection for continuous operation.
Overtemp. protection

Automatically limiting available output power.

Automatic recovery.

Output power

150W in ambient temperature class T2,

–40 to +55°C) according to EN50155.

140W in ambient temperature class TX,

(–40 to +70°C) according to EN50155

Max capacitive load Start up and operational with capacitive load <15mF.
Specific protection

Common input power limitation.

Individual output short circuit protection.

Individual internal temperature protection circuit.

Parallel operation

Passive load sharing in parallel operation

Approx. load sharing level: 70%.

Output configuration See table 2.
MTBF 500,000 hours min at +45°C
Technical lifetime

Minimum 15 years at ambient temperature

+45°C and 80% load level.

DC OK signal

DC OK output signal indicate that output

voltage level will be within nominal range.

Inhibit signal

Inhibit input signal turn the DC/DC unit on/off.

LED indicators

Green LED indicates output voltage level

within range.

Operating temperature

Ambient air temperature–40°C to +70°C,

Some additional cooling needed above +55°C

Storage temperature –55°C to +85°C.
Case temperature +100°C max
Cooling Natural convection cooling.
Humidity 95% RH max.
Shock and vibration IEC61373 catagory 1, class B.
Compliance RoHS and REACH
Fire protection Approved to EN 45545
EMC EN50155, EN50121-3-2.
Conducted emission According to EN50121-3-2 and EN55011

6kV contact discharge. 8kV air discharge

Test setup EN61000-4-2

Radiated electr. field

EN61000-4-3. 20V/m.

80-1000MHz and 1-2.5GHz.

Fast transients EN61000-4-4
Surge EN61000-4-5.
Conducted RF EN61000-4-6.
Connector type Male connector type H15 acc to DIN41612
Connector configuration See table 3
Mechanical Euro cassette according to IEC60297-3.
Mechanical protection Conformal coating.
Size (HxWxD) 111mm x 18.5mm x 162mm.
Weight 450g.

Selection Table



Input Voltage

Output 1Output 2Configuration
ENAR150D110/2x24 110VDC 24V/3,12A 24V/3,12A Independent configured
ENAR150D110/2x24 110VDC 24V/6,25A Paralleled outputs
ENAR150D110/2x24 110VDC 24V/3,12A -24V/3,12A Symetrical connected
ENAR150D110/2x24 110VDC 48V/3,12A Serial Connected
ENAR150D110/2x24 110VDC 12V/6,25A 12V/6,25A Independent configured
ENAR150D110/2x24 110VDC 12V/12,5A Paralleled outputs
ENAR150D110/2x24 110VDC 12V/6,25A -12V/6,25A Symetrical connected
ENAR150D110/2x24 110VDC 24V/6,25A Serial Connected
ENAR150D24/2x24 24VDC 24V/3,12A 24V/3,12A Independent configured
ENAR150D24/2x24 24VDC 24V/6,25A Paralleled outputs
ENAR150D24/2x24 24VDC 24V/3,12A -24V/3,12A Symetrical connected
ENAR150D24/2x24 24VDC 48V/3,12A Serial Connected
ENAR150D24/2x24 24VDC 12V/6,25A 12V/6,25A Independent configured
ENAR150D24/2x24 24VDC 12V/12,5A Paralleled outputs
ENAR150D24/2x24 24VDC 12V/6,25A -12V/6,25A Symetrical connected
ENAR150D24/2x24 24VDC 24V/6,25A Serial Connected
ENAR150D72/2x24 72VDC 24V/3,12A 24V/3,12A Independent configured
ENAR150D72/2x24 72VDC 24V/6,25A Paralleled outputs
ENAR150D72/2x24 72VDC 24V/3,12A -24V/3,12A Symetrical connected
ENAR150D72/2x24 72VDC 48V/3,12A Serial Connected
ENAR150D72/2x24 72VDC 12V/6,25A 12V/6,25A Independent configured
ENAR150D72/2x24 72VDC 12V/12,5A Paralleled outputs
ENAR150D72/2x24 72VDC 12V/6,25A -12V/6,25A Symetrical connected
ENAR150D72/2x24 72VDC 24V/6,25A Serial Connected
ENAR150D48/2x24 48VDC 24V/3,12A 24V/3,12A Independent configured
ENAR150D48/2x24 48VDC 24V/6,25A Paralleled outputs
ENAR150D48/2x24 48VDC 24V/3,12A -24V/3,12A Symetrical connected
ENAR150D48/2x24 48VDC 48V/3,12A Serial Connected
ENAR150D48/2x24 48VDC 12V/6,25A 12V/6,25A Independent configured
ENAR150D48/2x24 48VDC 12V/12,5A Paralleled outputs
ENAR150D48/2x24 48VDC 12V/6,25A -12V/6,25A Symetrical connected
ENAR150D48/2x24 48VDC 24V/6,25A Serial Connected

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