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POWERBOX Defense Line DBB600 Series

  • 85-264 VAC input voltage ranges. PFC
  • 1-3 isolated outputs
  • 200*127* 40mm very low profile
  • Industrial or ruggedized versions
  • Active very low inrush current
  • Many output configurations available
  • Conduction cooled 100°C baseplate
  • Safety IEC/EN 60950-1
  • RoHS lead-free-solder compliant

DBB600 Series

Product Overview

POWERBOX Defense Line 600 

Up to 600W Single, Dual and Triple Output AC/DC Rugged Switch Mode Power Supply 

Description   The DBA/B/C/D Series of rugged AC/DC Switching Mode Power Supplies provide wide range of output voltages in various power levels from 50W up to 1200W. DBA/B/C/D Series power supplies are suitable for wide range of applications in electrically and environmentally harsh environments such as demanding industrial, transportation and defense as well as telecom market sectors. Due to the operating temperature range down to -40C and baseplate cooling they are well suited for sealed high IP outdoor and mobile application. Universal input with PFC is suitable for any main voltage sourse as well as generators and inverters making it great solution for stationary installations as well as mobile or remote installations for defense, demanding industrial or marine use. The input accepts also source frequency up to 440Hz suitable for aircraft use. DBA/B/C/D Series comply with several frequently requested standards such as defense MIL-STD461 EMC, MIL-STD-810 environment and MIL-STD-1399 shipboard, but it is designed also for ITE EN55022 EMC as well as according to general safety IEC/EN60950 and EMC EN61000 standards.


Operating input voltage 85-264VAC. 120-350VDC.
Frequency 44Hz min, 50Hz typ, 440Hz max.
Power factor 0.96 typ, 230VAC, 50Hz, Pnom
Input current 10A at Vin min.
No-load input power 8W at Vin typ.
Peak inrush current 1A Vin max.
Start-up time 1s typ.
Input fuse A fuse mounted inside the psu protects against damages in case of a failure.
Fuse type Littlefuse, 10A, 0451010.MRL.
Transient protection Yes.
Output Voltage See Selection Table
Parallel operation Possible.
Redundant operation Requires external oring diodes.
Hold-up time Yes.
Output current limitation All outputs are protected against short circuit, automatic recovery.
Thermal considerations Baseplate should not exceed 100°C.
Thermal protection OTP protection, automatic restart.
Overvoltage protection Incorporated on each output.
Remote on/off An isolated INHIB signal disable corresponding output voltage when connected to RTN.
Overvoltage adjustment 90-110%Vnom.
Remote sense V1, V2, total drop <0.5V, positive line drop <0.25V.
Powergood & LED Available for each output
Auxiliary bias voltage Limited to 200mA.
Paralleling signal Parallel only identical outputs (voltage and power).
Electric strength

Input to earth 1500Vrms.

Input to output 3000Vrms.

Output to earth 500Vrms.

Insulation resistance >100Mohms.
Dimensions 200 x 127 x 40mm.
Case Aluminum natural.
Weight Approx 1,02 kg.
Options Description
MIL-STD ruggedized (-M) Meet MIL-STD 461E CE102, MIL-STD 1399- 300A, MIL-STD810E shock & vibrations. No laboratory certification.
-40°C operation (-T)

The thermal grade of the DC/DC converters used and other components are changed to comply with low ambient temperature.

Conformal coating (-V)

During manufacturing process , when V option is specified, components and pcb are covered with an acrylic coating to address high level of ambiant humidity application.

Heatsink (-H, -H1)

-H: a 15 mm heatsink is mounted on the baseplate with longitudinal fins. -H1: a 15 mm heatsink is mounted on the baseplate with transversal fins.

Operating temperature -20°C to +71°C, see derating (T-option -40°C).
Heatsink temperature -20°C to +71°C, see derating (T-option -40°C).
Storage temperature -40°C to +125°C.
Damp heat MIL STD 810 Proc. 507-2.
Shock MIL STD 810 Proc. 516.3
Vibrations MIL STD 810 Proc. 514-5.
MTBF MTBF calculation for a specific part number has to be ordered
Safety standards Built to meet IEC60950-1, EN60950-1.
Surges Built to meet EN61000-4-5, 1kV, Criteria B. 2kV, Critiera A.
Electrostatic discharge Built to meet EN61000-4-2, 8000V, Critiera B.
Fast transients/burst Built to meet EN61000-4-4, 4000V, Critiera B.
Harmonics Built to meet EN61000-3-2.
Flickers Meets EN61000-3-3. EN61000-4-3, -6, -11.

Technical Illustration

  • DBB600 - Block Diagram DBB600 - Block Diagram
  • DBB600 - Output Data DBB600 - Output Data
  • DBB600 - Derating Curve DBB600 - Derating Curve
  • DBB600 - Pin Connection DBB600 - Pin Connection
  • DBB600 - Mechanical DBB600 -  Mechanical
  • DBB600 - Mechanical - H Option DBB600 -  Mechanical - H Option
  • DBB600 - Mechanical - H1 Option DBB600 -  Mechanical - H1 Option
  • DBB600 - Mechanical - IP Option DBB600 -  Mechanical - IP Option
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