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Designed and manufactured at Powerbox Australia.

For applications where low noise and switching ripple free output are essential for noise sensitive communications equipment.  Where advanced linear design offers both high efficiency and superior line and load regulation.


Linear Power Supplies

The PBLN series with up to 240W in chassis or rack mounting linear power supply. The rack mounting models come with voltage and load current meters.

Linear Battery Chargers

For communications battery backup system sequipment requirements, The PBLNC Series provides a single output float charger configuration. 

The PBLDU Series comes in both chassis and rack mounting provides a separate output for load and battery outputs. It has Load Disconnect feature protects batteries from deep discharge in cases of prolonged mains power outage.

 The PBLDU Series has option to include 7AH batteries backup.  As a low noise DC UPS system it provides low noise battery back up, particularly useful in microwave communications equipment.