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Power Port 8PTC - Self Healing Power Distribution Module

  • Eight self-healing fused outputs with status LED
  • Selectable outputs – fire power or standard power 12VDC
  • Two dry contact interface outputs
  • Fire alarm monitoring output
  • Dry contact
  • 12 or 24VDC fire trip input (non-polarised)
  • Unfused auxiliary output for expansion
  • DIN rail mount.

Power Port 8PTC - Self Healing Power Distribution Module

Product Overview

Power Port 8PTC - Power Distribution Module

The Power Port 8PTC (PP8PTC) is a premium power distribution module for electronic access control systems. The PP8PTC Features self-healing fuses, fire trip interface and auxiliary outputs.

Features & Benefits:

The JACK FUSE PP8PTC reduces install time for technicians and helps ensure security system reliability by replacing the normally complex wiring task of fire trips with a simple, easy to fault find, all in one solution featuring built in, self-healing fuses to further protect expensive installations. Features include:

  • Eight individual, self-healing fused outputs, each with status LED 
  • Individually field-selectable power outputs – fire power or standard power. 
  • Unlimited local and remote expansion options 
  • Auxiliary fire trip slaved relay (DPDT) with two dry contact outputs 
  • Non-polarised fire trip input 
  • Wide range of operation voltages 
  • N/C output for failsafe fire trip connection to extra modules or other equipment 
  • Drive fire relay directly from FIP voltage or onboard voltage via N/C FIP contact 
  • Unfused voltage output for expansion 
  • Reduced material list, cost and install time compared to traditional methods 


  • Fused power distribution for all security devices 
  • Fused over current protection 
  • Automated emergency fire trip door override 
  • Fire trip alarm monitoring 
  • Fire trip interface to automatic doors and other device
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