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PM50 SERIES PM50 - DC/DC Industrial Converter

  • 32W - 50W Industrial Grade Converter
  • Wide input voltage ranges
  • 32W to 50W 1 & 2 outputs
  • Input ranges from 10 to 270Vdc
  • Single outputs 12 to 132Vdc
  • Two isolated outputs 12-16 or 60Vdc
  • Reverse input voltage protection
  • Operating Temp -25C to +55C
  • Wall or DIN rail mounting
  • One unit covers many output voltages
  • Output voltage adjustable on front panel
  • Fully encapsulated & meets IP20
  • Tropic Coating option

PM50 - DC/DC Industrial Converter

Product Overview


POLYAMP  DC/DC Industrial Converters

Polyamp provide free standing DC/DC converters, which means they meet EMC, EMI, electrical safety requirements and can be installed in any weather protected environment. The units are air cooled, convection cooled and can mostly be mounted in any direction.

The EMC performance is such they can be mounted in low noise applications. The output ripple is among the industries lowest. The immunity levels meet tough requirements in substations, trains, vehicles, railway and industrial applications. We have also models that meet EN50022 special low noise Telecom environment.

The mechanics are based on sturdy aluminum cases, that provides conduction cooling, mechanical stability for any type of vehicles, trains, locos, ships, marine, military rubber wheel vehicles. All units can be mounted on chassis, mounting plate, wall also with TS35 DIN rail. Most units are 19"-rack modular 2U, 3U, 6U.

Polyamp can provide special mechanics solution and systems based on our units, as well as Secure 2x N+1 redundant systems for power utilities, off shore applications and many more.

Polyamp production system is ISO9001:2008 certified.


Input Voltage

Input Code A: 10-30Vdc

Input Code B: 20-60Vdc

Input Code C: 50-150Vdc

Input Code D: 90-270Vdc

Output voltage See Selection Table

Voltage adjustment

With a 15 turn potentiometer

PM50*15-15, 12 - 16V

PM50*18-18, 17 - 20V

PM50*60-60, 54 - 66V

Output current See Selection table
Current Limit Foldback type
Ripple & noise <2mV rms
Load regulation

0.2% with parallel outputs

1% with serial outputs

Temperature coefficient 0.02% per °C
Transient response 3mS typical, 10%–90% load step
Remote Sense No
Soft start No
Efficiency 78%–85%
Switching frequency 45kHz
Reverse input voltage Yes Protection

Input code A,B: Input- Output: 2kVdc

Input code C,D: Input- Output: 2.5kVac / 4kVdc

Input code A,B: Input- Case: 2kVdc

Input code C,D:Input- Case: 2.5kVac / 4kVdc

Aall outputs: Output- Case: 1kVdc

Operating temperature -25°C to 55°C 100% load
Storage temperature -40°C to 85°C
Humidity Can be used in non-condensing tropical
Train Standards Meeting train standard EN50155 / IEC 60571, can be made on request
Safety standards IEC60950, EN/IEC61204-3
C-Tick AS/NZS CISPR11 Group 1, Class A
EMC standards

EN IEC 61000-6-3, Emission

EN IEC 61000-6-2, Immunity

EN IEC 61000-4-4, 4kV

EN IEC 61000-4-5 level 2&3


157 x 106 x 48mm

See Technical Illustration

Weight 0.65kg

Standard with DIN Rail Bracket

L60-1: Optional end DIN Mount Bracket

See Technical illustrations

Selection Table








PM50A 15-15 10-30V 12V 2.67A 32W
PM50A 15-15 10-30V 15V 2.67A 40W
PM50A 18-18 10-30V 18V 2.60A 47W
PM50A 15-15 10-30V 24V 1.34A 32W
PM50A 15-15 10-30V 28V 1.34A 37W
PM50A 18-18 10-30V 36V 1.30A 47W
PM50A 60-60 10-30V 60V 0.67A 40W
PM50A 60-60 10-30V 110V 0.34A 37W
PM50B 15-15 20-60V 12V 3.34A 40W
PM50B 15-15 20-60V 15V 3.34A 50W
PM50B 18-18 20-60V 18V 3.20A 57W
PM50B 15-15 20-60V 24V 1.67A 40W
PM50B 15-15 20-60V 28V 1.67A 47W
PM50B 18-18 20-60V 36V 1.60A 57W
PM50B 60-60 20-60V 60V 0.84A 50W
PM50B 60-60 20-60V 110V 0.42A 46W
PM50C 15-15 50-150V 12V 3.34A 40W
PM50C 15-15 50-150V 15V 3.34A 50W
PM50C 18-18 50-150V 18V 2.78A 50W
PM50C 15-15 50-150V 24V 1.67A 40W
PM50C 15-15 50-150V 28V 1.67A 47W
PM50C 18-18 50-150V 36V 1.39A 50W
PM50C 60-60 50-150V 60V 0.84A 50W
PM50C 60-60 50-150V 110V 0.42A 46W
PM50D 15-15 90-270V 12V 3.34A 40W
PM50D 15-15 90-270V 15V 3.34A 50W
PM50D 15-15 90-270V 24V 1.67A 40W
PM50D 15-15 90-270V 28V 1.67A 47W
PM50D 60-60 90-270V 60V 0.84A 50W
PM50D 60-60 90-270V 110V 0.42A 46W

Models consists of 2 isolated outputs 12V, 15V and 60V for connection in series or parallel.

Technical Illustration

  • PM50 PM50
  • Mounting Brackets Mounting Brackets
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