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CAMTEC - 1008W Precision DC Rectifier, DIN-Rail Battery Charger CPS-EC1000 SERIES

  • 1008W Precision DC Rectifier
  • DIN-Rail Battery Charger
  • C/V Adjustable Industrial Power
  • Real time output current monitoring
  • Precision potentiometer f. voltage & current
  • Power Good Relay AC & DC-ok
  • Electronic inrush current limiter 13.8Apeak
  • Inhibit function (Interlock). External shutdown
  • Precise dynamic response to load change
  • Designed for long life under full stress
  • Strong input filters. Soft start & auto-recovery
  • High reliability. Shock & vibration proof
  • EMC meets CE norm class B
  • Overload and short circuit protection


Product Overview


1008W Precision DC Rectifier DIN-Rail Battery Charger, C/V Adjustable Industrial Power  

Available Outputs:   24V,  36V,  48V,  60V,  72V,  110V,  150V,  220V,  300Vdc  

Description   The Camtec CPS-EC series is a high precision switch mode power supply for an upscale demand. The unit is C/V adjustable. It is engineered and manufactured by CAMTEC in Germany. The designed meets challenging applications like railway, complex drives, battery charging for DC-UPS, test-stands, machine-building and professional LED lighting. The power supply provides a low ripple-noise, a precise load-regulation and high efficiency up to 92%. High-end long life capacitors guarantee an extended hold-up-time and an extraordinary lifetime of the power supply. The circuit design starts complex loads easily. The internal control circuit manages illegal operating conditions to prevent your system from damages. The CPS-EC series features active high input transients with suppressor diodes, X2-capacitors and varistors. All inputs, outputs and feature connections are galvanic isolated. The design rules set value on extended interference immunity and safety. The unit is designed in accordance to the EN60950-1 and the EMC-compatibility to EN55022 class B norms. Our engineering design is made in accordance to the CSA/UL60950-1 and the IEEE CB scheme rules.

Voltage Setting Potentiometer   The output voltage limit can be adjusted with a 15 turn high precision potentiometer. The listed values are guaranteed by the factory. The tolerance of the upper margin is -0/+5%. The tolerance of the lower margin is -5%/+0%. The output voltages cover the typical cell voltage range of standard lead acid batteries.

Current Setting Potentiometer   The output current limit can be adjusted with a 15 turn high precision potentiometer. The listed values are guaranteed by the factory. The tolerance of the upper margin is -0/+5%. The tolerance of the lower margin is -5%/+0%.

Sensing   The device has a sense operation mode to compensate a voltage drop at the load line.

Inhibit contact (Interlock)   The inhibit inputs can be connected to a safety contact or a safety relay. When the contact is open the power supply will remain in a completely locked shut down mode. The unit powers up as soon as the contact is closed.

External Shutdown feature   All CPS-EC units are featured with a shutdown (open collector).

DC-ok Power Good Relay   The PG Relay connection indicates over temperature, low DC-voltage at the output, low AC supply voltage at the input, the inhibit and the shutdown mode.

Galvanic Isolation   The power supply is galvanic isolated between the input and the output. All features like Shut Down, Inhibit, Power Good Relay, Sensing and the Current Monitoring are connected to the DC power outputs.

Thermal shutdown   The CPS-EC series is featured with a thermal overload shut down and auto recovery behaviour.


Output Voltage See selection table
AC Input Voltage

90 – 132Vac / 184 – 265Vac

(115/230Vac input selector, factory setting is 230Vac)

Frequency 47-63Hz
DC Input Voltage

250Vdc – 375Vdc

(input selector set to 230Vac)

AC Input Rating

115Vac<18,4A 230Vac<9,0A

DC Input Rating

250Vdc<5,0A 375Vdc<3,3A

(input selector set to 230Vac rated)


1008W continuous

Potentiometer C/V Setting

15 turn high precision, protective forced isolation to the inputs and the output 3000Vac

Operation Failure Relay

Yes, break contact, protective forced isolation to the inputs and the output 3000Vac

Sense Function

Compensation 1V per load line

Remote Shutdown

Yes, protective forced isolation to the inputs and the output 3000Vac

Inhibit Function (Interlock)

Yes, protective forced isolation to the inputs and the output 3000Vac


+60°C...+70°C 2.5%/°C


< ± 1.5% interface

Load Regulation

< ± 0.05% 0-100%

Response to Load Change

<1ms 10-100%, 100-10%

Base Load

None required (open circuit proof)

Efficiency 230Vac

Up to 92% at 90% load

Short Circuit Protection


Open Circuit Proof


Temperature Control

Yes, thermal shutdown with auto recovery (+70°C, metering distance 10mm)

Hold Up Time

>30ms 230Vac

Inrush Current

<9,8Aeff < 13.8Apeak (230Vac) active inrush current limiter

Soft Start

100ms typical

Isolation paths

> 8mm creepage distance & clearance paths

Input to Output Isolation


Input to Case Isolation


Output to Case

500Vdc , models ≥60Vdc 2200Vac


389000h (IEC61709)


143034h (IEC61709)


2011/65/EG confirmed


EG No. 1907/2006 confirmed


Controlled Fan from manufacturer EBM Papst (Germany)

Ambient Operating Temp.

- 25°C…+70°C

Ambient Storage Temp.

- 40°C…+85°C


Humidity 95% non-condensing @ 25°C, climate class. 3k3, pollution rate II


EN55022 class B




EN60950-1, EN60204-1

Safety class 1(A)

VDE0805, VDE0100

Dimensions (HxWxD)

156x200x114,5 mm



AC Terminals

Input Screw Terminal 3x AWG20 – AWG6 / 0,5 – 16mm² (L,N,PE)

DC Terminals

Output Screw Terminal 4x AWG20 – AWG6 / 0,5 – 16mm² (+ + / - - )

Selection Table

Rated DC Voltage 24Vdc 36Vdc 48Vdc 60Vdc 72Vdc
Rated DC Current 42A 28A 21A 16,7A 13,9A

DC Voltage

Setting Range

24–30V 36–45V 48–58V 60–75V 72–90V

DC Current

Setting Range

21 –44,1A 14 – 29,4A 10,5 – 22A 8,0 – 17,6A 7,0 – 14,6A



34Vdc 50Vdc 67Vdc 84Vdc 100Vdc

Ripple Peak

230Vac 20MHz

40mV 40mV 100mV 150mV 200mV
Rated DC Voltage 110Vdc 150Vdc 220Vdc 300Vdc
Rated DC Current 9,1A 6,7A 4,55A 3,33A

DC Voltage

Setting Range

110 – 137,5Vdc 132 – 180Vdc 220 – 264Vdc 264 – 360Vdc

DC Current

Setting Range

4,6 – 9,6A 3,4 – 7,0A 2,3 – 4,8A 1,7 – 3,5A



154Vdc 210Vdc 310Vdc 420Vdc

Ripple Peak

230Vac 20MHz

300mV 400mV 400mV 400mV

Optional Coating (option C): We offer the CPS-EC series with an optional coating. It is to be used in e.g. dusty, dirty, high humidity area or in awaiting quick temperature changes. Short circuit and corrosion at print board lines and at solder points can be prevented. The coat itself is a transparent acrylic resin. Peters SL 1306 N-FLZ (transparent) IEC60216-1 2001, IPC-CC-830B, UL listed as permanent coating FileNo.: E80315 , UL94V-0 eg CPS-EC1000.048C

Technical Illustration

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