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SM2048HE SERIES SM2048HE- 2KW 48VDC Solar Charger

  • 2KW 48Vdc Solar Charger Module
  • SM2048HE: High Voltage Module
  • SM1848: Low Voltage Module
  • Used in GreenShelf and Synergi Systems
  • Industry leading MPPT for greatest solar harvesting
  • Highest efficiency conversion
  • Widest range of DC input for maximum PV flexibility
  • Lowers OPEX by up to 80%
  • Increases return on investment
  • Modular architecture for quick and
  • easy system integration/expansion
  • Force air cooled by a temperature controlled
  • High reliability and monitored fan

SM2048HE- 2KW 48VDC Solar Charger

Product Overview


SM2048HE Series  2KW 48Vdc Solar Charger Module 

Very high efficiency:   With peak efficiency near 98%, the SM2048HE high efficiency Solar Charger provides significant energy savings. Each charging module is designed for operation with solar panel configurations of one or two strings and with a wide input operating voltage window, offers maximum flexibility so greatest optimization. Module design is based on a high-frequency transformer guaranteeing galvanic isolation between that of solar panels and loads and batteries. Various additional protection elements ensure safety and investment preservation.

MPPT Algorithms:   The SM20478HE includes market leading MPPT algorithms, allowing commencement of solar harvesting far sooner and for much longer than other comparative devices. This combined with the highest conversion efficiency, maximizes PV generation delivering the greatest ROI.

Guarantee Design:   Enatel's solar chargers are New Zealand made to guarantee design, manufacture and process integrity. The SM2048HE represents unrivalled reliability with a robust proven conversion topology. Modules can be integrated into compact solutions or operate as standalone


Nominal voltage range

SM2048HE: 220Vdc

SM1848: 100Vdc

Input Voltage Range

SM2048HE: 85 - 400Vdc

(200 - 360Vdc non derating output power)


SM1848: 75 - 150Vdc

(limited to 17A input)

Start up Voltage

SM2048HE: 120Vdc

SM1848: 75Vdc

Maximum Open Circuit


SM2048HE: 450Vdc

SM1848: 150Vdc

Maximum Input


SM2048HE: 10.5A

SM1848: 17A

MPPT Efficiency



SM2048HE: >97% @20-85% load

with 200-250Vdc input

SM1848: 97.5%

Nominal output voltage 48Vdc
Output voltage range 43 - 60Vdc
Maximum Output current

SM2048HE: 41.7A

SM1848: 32A

Safety EN60950
Immunity CISPR24
Emissions CISPR22 Class B
Other CE & RoHS compliant
Ambient Temperature

-20ºC to +70ºC

(Derated above +55ºC)


Forced cooled

Front to back airflow

Storage Temperature

-30ºC to +85ºC

Dimensions W,H,D

111.5mm, 44mm (1U), 282mm

(Rack depth 260mm)

Weight 1.5kg
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